We do our best to accommodate each patient’s needs, however this is not always possible. 
We would appreciate it if you would advise us of the following when making an appointment:

(a) If you require a long consultation (20 minutes or longer eg multiple or complex problems
(b) if you require more than one person to be seen.
(c) If you are the holder of a concessional card
(d) if your personal details change.

We particularly request your flexibility in choice of Doctor for simple acute cases such as children’s ear infection, flu etc.
Recent feedback indicates an appointment shortage, which is not borne out by the gaps in the appointment book.
As we are a group practice your records are available to all GPs and liaison /cross consulting and follow-up with the continuity GP are encouraged.
Emergencies will be given priority, if such a situation arises our staff will attempt to advise you of any delays.
We also would like patients to be aware that each Doctor has a different appointment schedule, please feel free to check with staff when making your appointment.

Please note; that a non attendance fee will be charged for failing to cancel your appointment.

This clinic works on a rota on-call system with other Clinics.  To find out the details of the doctor
on call, please telephone 51745350; a taped message will give you instructions.
Please note: All after hours visits will be charged at private rates.
Home visits are available for regular patients whose condition prevents them from attending the surgery.
Please call the clinic during office hours and leave details with the receptionist.  In an emergency
your call will be put through to a doctor.

11 Kay Street Traralgon  Vic   3844
Telephone 03 5174 5350 Fax  03 5174 8747