Unless your doctor has indicated otherwise this Clinic does not issue repeat prescriptions without an appointment. At the time of your consultation the doctor will give you the maximum no. of repeats available. To maintain continuity with your medication, we suggest that you make an appointment when you have had your last repeat script filled.


To minimise interruptions during consultations the doctors prefer not to accept phone calls for non-urgent matters. They ask that you give the details to the receptionist along with your contact phone number, and they will return your call when they have a free moment.


Unless your Doctor advises you otherwise, we suggest that you wait at least 24 hours after the test before ringing for the result.


All information provided by you to this practice is strictly confidential. Your information is stored securely. If you wish to access your medical history, please arrange an appointment with your Doctor.


This practice offers a range of immunisation services:


The practice offers a wide range of services such as comprehensive general practice, shared antenatal care, palliative care, fractures, immunisation, diathermy, men and women's health checks, aged care assessments, removal of skin lesions and acupuncture, TENS electro-analgesia and Doppler. We also encourage a structured approach to Asthma and Diabetes Care.


We offer a play area for children, complete with cubby house, blocks and various books. Change facilities and other needs are available on request.


A large parking area is located behind the practice just off Church Street, limited short term parking can also be found at the front of the premises in Kay Street. Disabled patients are advised to use the rear entrance for ease of access.


If you have any suggestions or problems we would like to hear from you. We are keen to resolve any difficulties or concerns you may have with regards to our service. The Health Services Commissioner (1800 136 066) can provide advice if you need assistance.


Providing Medical Services in a rural setting is both demanding and rewarding.

We work as a team in an attempt to provide timely services and continuity of care, with waiting times as short as possible.

Please notify the front desk, if you have not been seen within 30 minutes of your appointment time.

Once again we request your flexibility of Doctor choice for accute issues.


The Doctors and Staff of Traralgon Medical Centre look forward to supporting you and your family towards achieving continued good health and well-being. 

11 Kay Street Traralgon  Vic   3844
Telephone 03 5174 5350 Fax  03 5174 8747